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Pepperoni Pizza

Shine - coffee, pizza, Italian cuisine

In the heart of the white city, Cafe Shine is located on the corner of Frishman and Shlomo Hamelech. Some would even refer to it as the hidden gem of Tel Aviv.
The Italian kitchen by Chef Louze Rozenberg is simple and authentic, with a rich and intriguing menu. All of the dishes are freshly made - starting from the pizza dough, through to the handmade pasta and focaccias, alongside the desserts made straight from the in-house bakery.
The place is characterized with a basic and clean interior design which gives off a nostalgic feeling that combines an urban atmosphere.

Shine restaurant

Opening Hours

Sunday - Thursday 8:00-23:00

Friday closed

Saturday 17:00-23:00

Shine food dishes
lunch dish
street view of the Shine
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